There’s an argument between parents that money is not an appropriate gift for children. While most parents agree to this statement, there are still people who give out money as gifts especially when shopping is not a luxury given their busy schedule. While this happens a lot of times in many events. Let’s take a look if giving money as gifts are not as appropriate as many parents agree to.

As soon as birthday approaches or there is a celebration in which a child plays the main role, suitable gifts by holiday or the perfect gift idea is sought. Since nothing should be done wrong, a monetary gift is often used. But is a money gift always useful for children?

When do money gifts for children make sense?

Of course, parents are most happy about a money gift for their children when they are still very small, such as for birth, baptism or on the first birthdays. Babies cannot do anything with gifts and so things can be bought that the child needs.

If the children grow up, they are quite able to wish for something. It gives them pleasure when they unpack the gift that has long been on their wish list. Glowing children’s eyes are the best compensation for the effort that has sometimes been made in choosing gifts. Christmas, Easter and birthdays are a really great celebration.

Cash gifts for the fulfillment of big wishes

Money gifts only become interesting if the kids either have a really big wish that can only be fulfilled if everyone puts them together or if the children only want money so that they can buy something that suits them. Is there an age limit at which a gift of money makes sense depends on the maturity of the individual child? As a rule, money gifts only become interesting in the teenage years. Then the girls and boys will be happy if they can go shopping independently or if they already save money, which should be used for a vacation, for example. Up to this point, gifts that give the child joy and feel that they give with love are the better solution.