TikTok is an entertaining and a trending app right now. Among all age groups, kids and teenagers are the most common viewers and users of the app. Yet, there are some videos that contain violence which repeated exposure for the young ones might cause distressed in an emotional manner. This means that some videos are not suitable for children. 

TikTok users and account holders have age requirement of above 12 years old.

Eventually like other social media video-containing app, TikTok also developed the share of privacy settings and parental controls function. These aim to ensure that the child does not accidentally watch any violence-containing video while using TikTok. As concerned parent, to have an idea about this function on TikTok app and one way on how parents monitor their children these days, we will learn different settings and even some third-party choices that help TikTok to be a little bit safer site for kids. 

How Parental Control on TikTok Works?

Here are some steps on how the parental control setting on TikTok runs smoothly.


1. Change the account into private

In a default setting, TikTok account always set into a public profile. Meaning, people using TikTok can freely watch your videos which also means that you can get more followers on TikTok. 


2. Set-up who can able to download and comment on videos

The default setting always allows any users to download the videos posted on TikTok’s public profiles. And, via the privacy settings, TikTok has the ability to stop that action. Once you navigate to the Privacy & Safety section, you can disable the ‘Allow Download’ function. You can also set-up the option for ‘Who Can Send Me Comments’ and ‘Who Can React to Me’.


3. Activating the Restricted mode

The ‘Restricted’ mode is categorized under the hidden features of TikTok. It is responsible for displaying the videos for age-appropriate groups and filters those contents that are only applicable for mature individuals. This is really useful if your kids are fond of browsing for random videos under the ‘For You’ section.


4. Establish downtime and app lock

On TikTok, built-in setting for locking the app is not available. However, there is the ‘Strict’ mode that can be selected to avoid kids from altering the app setting. A password can also be created to prevent app uninstallation. Moreover, an app locker may be pre-loaded in order to protect the data on a particular app.