Online SHSAT prep course for grade 8 and 9Taking an online SHSAT prep course would help SHSAT takers prepare for the SHSAT exam to determine and hopefully gain admission to one of the nine specialized high schools in New York City.

These specialized high schools in the city of New York are selective public high schools which were established and are managed by the Department of Education of New York City to cater to the needs of grade 8 and 9 students who are academically as well as artistically gifted.

As many would want to enter one of these specialized high schools, it is imperative that they pass the exam. Hence, preparing for the exam is necessary.

How Parents Could Help Their Children Before and During Exams

As parents, we want the best for our children, so there are a few things we could actually do to help them prepare before and during the exam. Below are some:

encourage child to have enough sleepEncourage Sleep

Many teenagers like to stay up all night and get up early for school. Frequently, when they do sleep late and get up early, they are lethargic in class. This isn’t a good thing during the exam. Usually, the SHSAT exams are given in the morning early in the morning and lasts for 3 hours. Sleepy students may find it difficult to focus on the exam. Hence, encourage them to get enough sleep not only before the exam day but even days prior the exam.

Prepare Healthier Meals

It is essential that students eat healthy meals prior the exam. They need to eat dinner the night before the exam and a healthy breakfast during the day of the exam. You should prepare healthier meals to boost their brain power and focus. Food does play a very important role in the development of the brain as well as on the academic performance of the student. So, choose food that boosts and improves brain function and focus.

create a conducive study environmentChange Things to Improve Results

Create a good study environment for your child. However, if there are times when the study environment appears to not make them focus anymore, you may want to consider bringing them to another location, such as the library or a coffee shop. Also consider giving them a break or pause from their study routine to also have the chance to talk to them about how they feel about the exam and give them the encouragement they need.

Parents do play a vital role in the success of their child. Hence, don’t leave everything to your child even if they are old enough to study on their own. Give them the support they need even if these are simple things.