“Parenting is a job for life which comes without a rule book”

-Dr. Tanya Byron


Parenting is such a big word and I am sure that most  parents, even my parents, would say that raising a child is the most challenging yet fulfilling job in the world. It is a huge responsibility for a lifetime, which is why one must really be prepared before entering parenthood.

Deciding to have a child is not like deciding whether to buy your favorite clothes or shoes in the mall where you can be impulsive and deciding to not wear the item anymore if we like to. A BIG NO. Just like what Dr. Tanya said, it is a job for life. Parents should know by heart how to be a good parent and a role model to their kids. With that, tips for good parenting are provided in this article.

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The following tips contribute to good parenting

  1. Commitment to Your Kid/s – before giving birth to your child, you should already be committed to him/her.  A committed parent is a  dedicated, faithful and a responsible parent who is willing to give his/her  time and energy to the child.
  2. Anger Management- If you are having a lot of problems at work or with your husband/wife, then breathe or get some fresh air.  Otherwise, you will put your anger to your kid and will end up to your kid feeling devastated knowing that he/she did not do anything wrong.
  3. Be the person you want your kid to be when he/she grows up- This is very important. Sometimes, parents are so strict when it comes to raising children, but they are overseeing their behavior. No matter what you say/teach to your kids, if you are behaving badly, the kids will absorb the things they see than the things being taught to them.