The COVID-19 pandemic has made many changes in the everyday lives of billions of people worldwide. As the dreaded coronavirus threatens to infect healthy individuals in public spaces, authorities have decided to make drastic measures to prevent people from crowding together. One way that many companies and businesses have implemented is to allow a work-from-home setup for their employees, saving them from the risk of catching the coronavirus in crowded terminals and office rooms.

For the students, the same setup was applied as schools and universities are potential hotspots for a wave of infection. At first, a remote or distance learning setup sound like a great plan in situations like this. Us, parents, wouldn’t have to worry about bringing our children to the classroom. We also have our eyes on them 24/7 as they can learn their lessons inside the house. We can see to it that the kids remain disciplined.

However, there are serious issues that need to be addressed in remote learning. Things are not as simple as setting up a personal computer and study desk for the kids. We need to be mindful of our children’s actions towards this kind of learning module, as this is something very new to them and might cause some unwanted behavior that is detrimental to their education.

Are The Lessons Clearly Presented Via Virtual Classroom Meetings?

You may have already thought about the impact of online classrooms to our children’s education. Even before the pandemic began this year, some families have chosen home-based education for the kids, which have worked well for them. However, in the case of the students who are used to face-to-face classes, there will be some bigtime adjustments to be done.

In remote learning, students will have to make extra effort to understand the lessons by themselves, as their teachers could only monitor their progress through the webcam and speakers. In contrast with physical classrooms, teachers are more hands-on in making sure that their students understood the lesson clearly. Teachers can only access the Internet to talk to the students and ask them some questions, and perhaps sneak in to a new window of their Internet browser to Buy Pet Supply Online.

This is where the parents enter the picture. If you notice that your kids are having a hard time catching up with the lessons, you have to guide them in the discussions. Determine which points in the lecture are hard for them to understand, then after the virtual class, you can have a one-on-one study session with your kids so that they can catch up with the next lectures the following. We would not like them trailing behind because they have something they couldn’t get in the first few lectures.