Being a parent is not a job, otherwise you will carry out your parenting responsibilities for reasons other than wanting to make your child feel loved and secure. A job is compensatory in nature, while parenting does not ask for anything in return but love and respect from their children.

Don’t Think of Your Children as Having the Capability to Understand Grown-Ups

Children cannot be expected to understand the way grown-ups think. Mainly because they have yet to experience what most adults normally go through. Whereas all parents went through childhood and therefore know, or at least have an idea what their child goes through before they can have a real understanding of the world in which they live .

As a parent, you have a treasure trove of childhood experiences to draw from in order to understand your child’s needs and wants. Given that not all parents have wonderful or positive memories of their childhood, it does not mean they cannot learn lessons from the negative ones.

Dealing with Bad Behavior Makes Parenting Feel Like a Job

More often than not, parenting feels like a job when a child misbehaves because his or her actions can disrupt or unsettle the natural order of day-to-day living.

When encountering difficulty in dealing with a child’s temper tantrums, try to recall what your parents did to calm you down; or the punishment they used to keep you from misbehaving.
Now that you are a parent yourself can you honestly say that you are able to demonstrate how to act with restraint? Or do you simply burst into anger every time something goes wrong or doesn’t go your way?

Remember, aside from traits that your child may have inherited from you or your spouse, your child also sees both of you as examples of behavior. They then choose to like, whichever behavior they want to follow.

Why Parenting is Not a Job

As an analogy, think of your child as a reviewer of a promotional post at Facebook. If your child likes that post he or she might click on the “Like” button but only for that post. If your child also likes the person or organization promoting the post, he or she will also “Follow” the promoter’s FB account.

In the same way, your child may like the things you are trying to teach him or her, and will follow you if he or she sees in you the perfect example of what you are teaching. Simply stated, for a child to understand proper behavior, he must see and experience examples of what proper behavior is.

That is why entrepreneurs or entities wanting to push their brand by way of promotions, also make it a point to maintain a business image representing their brand. As parents, we can only impose our teachings if we show proof that we also adhere to what we teach.

Yet unlike businesses that resort to looking for the best place to buy Facebook followers reviews and likes to grow their followers, parenting has to be organic. It must always come from natural desires to see their children growing up in the right way. That is why parenting is not a job, but is something you do wholeheartedly out of a natural desire to do what’s right.