If you check out upcoming movies on filme 2019 or even movies that were released many years ago, many give a picture of how different and diverse parents are. In numerous movies, either parents are portrayed as responsible, loving, and caring or the other way around. Many would relate to these movies since, to a certain degree, they aren’t far from reality. Indeed, parents are different, but most parents’ utmost aim is to nurture, care for, mentor, provide for and support their children the best possible way they can and to the best of their capacity.

Parenting isn’t a stroll in the park. Yet, majority of parents across the world have a thing in common – the desire to instill, cultivate and establish in their children character strengths that would greatly help them as they go through the different stages of life.

Parents play an important role in the development of the character of children since character strength and family values are passed on from generation to generation. It is important for parents to form and foster positive learning atmospheres in the home.

Recognizing Character Strengths and Values

There is an immense opportunity for parents to help their children recognize and develop their character strengths. However, before parents could even foster character strengths, they should first have a clear idea of what these character strengths are.


Means of thinking and reasoning that would help children learn as well as make good use of that knowledge

  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Love Of Learning
  • Open-Mindedness/ Mindfulness
  • Perspective/ Wisdom


Character traits that would aid children attain their goals and aspirations despite whatever adversity they may encounter

  • Bravery/ Courage
  • Persistence/ Determination
  • Integrity/ Honesty/ Truthfulness/Genuineness
  • Vitality/ Enthusiasm/ Passion


Character traits that would help children be a good peer and citizen

  • Love/ Compassion/ Care/ Empathy
  • Kindness/ Generosity, Care
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence


Character traits that aim for a healthy community

  • Citizenship/ Social Responsibility
  • Fair-mindedness/ Equality
  • Leadership
  • Solidarity


Character traits that would hearten self-control and moderation

  • Forgiveness/ Mercy/ Sympathy
  • Humility/ Modesty
  • Prudence/ Cautiousness
  • Self-Regulation/ Self Control/ Self-discipline


Character traits that connect them to the wider universe as well as give meaning and sense to life

  • Positive Reception to Beauty and Quality
  • Gratitude/ Gratefulness/ Thankfulness
  • Optimism/ Positivity/ Hope
  • Good and Healthy Humor
  • Spirituality/ Faith/ Devotion

When any of these character strengths are demonstrated by your children, praise and commend them for it, making sure you be specific about it. By giving specific praise, you help children realize and understand the importance of character strengths. Moreover, you let them know that you appreciate them for who they are and not merely for what they do. Furthermore, as children recognize their individual character strengths, they would be able to recognize others’ character strengths as well.