Most teens nowadays generally love to use Instagram in so many ways. Basically, they have their circle of friends over the platform. Moreover, they can keep on following their fave celebs and specific accounts that keep their interests. Additionally, through Instagram, they can also keep their profile having a presentable image to the outside world.

Similar to other social media channels, the aspects that capture the interests of teens for Instagram can be a factor for parental concerns. 

What parents need to know about TikTok’s parental control must also be known about Instagram. There are basically lots of mature content regardless of the search history that your kids may do. Aside from that, the comments may be vicious, most likely if it is a public account. From here, the pressure comes in. 

Furthermore, there are definitely guidance settings implemented for the limitation of use of the platform. This also involves the ongoing convos regarding post contents and comments. Check this article to be knowledgeable about the platform your kids are interested in and know how you can guide them as a parent. 

Instagram Contents for Kids

Generally, what kids follow on Instagram may reflect the kinds of contents that they will have to see over the platform. Lucky enough if they just follow their friends account and don’t search for anything. However, kids are really adventurous and try to explore everything. Having this behavior, they’ll search, or if not, they’ll most likely see mature posts. These include sexy stuff and hashtags of suicidal topics.

Monitoring kid’s activity on Instagram 

Basically, you can ask the kids to give you a glimpse of their Instagram account. While browsing their accounts, let them explain the memes and comments there. Moreover, you can also try to do these helpful techniques:

  1. Create your own account on Instagram and follow your kid. 
  2. Follow their friends also and ask for the username and password of your kid’s Instagram account.
  3. Log in to their account and check everything there.
  4. Conduct spot checking.
  5. Install a monitoring app like a parental control app over your kid’s Instagram. 

The “Rinstas”, “Finstas”, and Cheap Instagram Likes

Generally, the rinstas and finstas are the second Instagram accounts which are entirely different from each other. The finsta is known as the “fake Instagram” account which is only applicable for the close friends of the account user. Through this account, you are able to see the true self of the kids.

Moreover, rinsta is the “real Instagram” account of the kids. This is the account seen by the public. Furthermore, through this account, cheap Instagram likes can also be achieved.