One of the most rewarding and challenging jobs parents can have is raising a healthy, happy child. However, a lot of parents don’t take parenting the same focus they would use in their jobs. No matter what your concerns or questions may be or what your parenting style is, always remember that your children are learning something from what you do.

Basic Principles of Good Parenting

  • Be consistent. Your children will less challenge you if your authority is based not on power but on wisdom. Consistency is your most significant disciplinary tool. If you enforce your rules intermittently or vary from day to day, the misbehavior of your kids might not be their fault but yours.
  • What you do matters. Your kids are learning or imitating your behavior. They see how you treat other people and learn from them. It is important to know what you want to accomplish and show them in order to have a good impact on your kids.
  • Treat your kids with respect. You need to give your kids the same politeness you would give to anybody. Treat them respectfully to get respectful treatment from them. Kids treat other people the way their fathers or mothers treat them. Your kids’ foundation for their relationships with other people is your relationship with them.
  • Don’t be too “loving”. Things such as material possessions, lowered expectations, or leniency are given to kids in place of love. It is possible to spoil your kids with love but never with the things in place of it.
  • Explain your rules. Good parents have expectations from their kids. You have to bear in mind however that your kids don’t have the experience, judgment, or priorities that you have.

Avoid Harsh Discipline

According to study, children who are slapped, hit, or spanked are more likely to fight with other children. Under any circumstances, parents must never hit a child. There are several other ways in disciplining a child which work better that would not include violence.

Talking to them over a cup of coffee or a plate of dessert would not only help them realize their mistakes but would improve your relationship as well. Check this with your children and choose the best product for your bonding time.

Raising responsible children entails good parenting.