The Rise of Mobile Apps

Raising a kid is a very challenging job to most parents because it requires determination, effort, and lots of patience especially when the child reaches the stage where he/she is curious to try and explore things. One of the crucial stage of a child development is when he/she reaches the point where mobile devices are form of entertainment and hobby. Mobile devices are addicting because it is a device where a child can play video games and watch videos. Thus, parents must strictly monitor their kids usage of mobile devices.

Technology advancement is consistent nowadays because developers are innovative enough to come up with brilliant discoveries and ideas. Things are becoming easier with each passing day because of technology. Most video games and other form of entertainment can be used during a mobile device by just downloading the app. Nowadays, once a person come up with a great idea and wants to make an app from it, there are many ways to develop one. Ionic developers can be found online. With free software online, creating an app is no longer that difficult and time consuming.

In a world where kids are growing up in a digital world, it is important to help them acquire knowledge on the right usage of mobile devices. This is where the crucial role of parents takes place.

  1. Set a time and encourage playtime– Once your kid knows how to use mobile devices, it is important to set a time limit because chances are, he/she will be addicted to it and will take advantage of how you discipline him/her.
  2. Be a role model– If you want your children to limit their usage of mobile devices then you should also act like you know how to control yourself when it comes to screen time.
  3. Every home must have a tech-free zone– I know this is quite difficult to do, but this is important in order to promote quality time with family members. For example, the dining area is a tech free zone where no one is allowed to use any kind of mobile devices while eating.