Many children and young people, in particular, are fascinated by online games made available for every taste and every genre. The games are exciting and challenging much like the trendy game – League of Legends, the players network online with like-minded people. As with other game offerings, there is a risk of spending more time than you actually want. In the digital gaming world, risks for youth and data protection and cost traps can also lurk. Here’s what makes online games so fascinating and what parents need to consider.

The Fascination of Online Games

The game manufacturers have the right online game for almost every interest, whether action, thinking and board games, jump and run, shooter, strategy, simulation, role-playing or sport. In online games, children and teenagers can play live with others in groups, exchange ideas, and team up on strategies and campaigns. It will depend on the person with optimal skills, someone recognized by his teammates. In order to increase the social component, most online games are also with social networks like Facebook-connected. Players can use this to post results or ask other folks to join the game. Those invited are usually recognized with a bonus point to play the game.

There are different types of online games that parents should be aware of. There are browser games (simple games played on web browsers), games with online mode (more complex games, requires a software), mass multiplayer online games (MMOGs like role-playing games, solve tasks together in a group/clan), and second life (players play a virtual life having a virtual self).

Protection of minors – select suitable games

Raise your child as a responsible parent. Be aware of what your children are getting themselves into. The regulations of the Youth Media Protection State Treaty apply to online games, which means that they must not contain any development-impairing content for children. However, there is as yet no age marking requirement for online games. A pedagogical recommendation portals game guide will help you make your choice. It is far better to test the game yourself. Make sure that the content is acceptable and not as violent and gruesome. For games that offer chats, they should be moderated to remove content and links that are harmful to young people.