How Technology Change Your Lifestyle? Expecting few changes, like chips and pin technology, ATM card payment, the standard of mix advantage card, bank card, or credit cards and cash in your mom’s wallet ( is much the same as it was 30 years ago. But there is a big reward waiting for the first organization to persuade us to discard all our steel and plastic for something more 21st century.

Here’s what your family needs to know regarding a group jostling for a space in your pocket.

1 The big 3

A group that removed the guide in digital remittance online: Amazon, Google and Paypal. And now they are trying to build their commerce in the corporeal world. Google’s Wallet program lets purchaser put funds on their mobile phone to spend in a online stores. And, with near field communication technology, it turn your mobile phone into a contact less card.

2 Google Wallet’s Authentic Wallet

If your favorite coffee shop or restaurant got addicted to Google’s system, the company has just relocate a physical Wallet Card, which you can spend your balance in the US where Master Card is accepted. It is primarily a debit card but connected to a Google Bank.

3 The Coin Card

The target of the $100 Coin, releasing in the US in the summer, is to let one card to do a task in your pocket, through debit cards to supermarket advantage card. It scans the black color that is a magnetic thing at the back of your card, and then duplicate the strip electronically on its own back. Just only with a one click in the button, you can swap from paying using your debit card paying with a master card and back and you can use it to earn your bonus points in a supermarket.

4. Bitcoin

Notwithstanding news stories regarding bitcoin being exemplify with bright metallic discs, bitcoins are simply bits of files on a hard drive that you can buy it with real money or them by receiving a computer to guzzle through some intricate maths. Its digital futures gives them possible just like a international currency, and allows users to send money without even using any bank account.

Setting Up Your Family’s E-Wallet For A Better Use