Spanking children is a heated and widely known topic being debated over the years. A lot of experts are advising against the use of corporal punishment but there are parents who firmly believe that spanking is an effective and smart disciplinary strategy. Other parents do admit that they’ve spanked their kids occasionally, particularly when they’re feeling so stressed. Whichever side they belong, all parents have to know and be meticulous in considering the possible consequences of the punishment they are giving to their child.

Why Spanking?

There are times that parents are spanking their kids out of desperation. When kids are misbehaving often, parents might feel that there’s no hope and are not sure of what to do. Parents who are faced in these situations may say that nothing else is working.

Without implementing a consistent discipline strategy, it may feel as if spanking is the only option left. While spanking might alter children’s behaviour in short-term, it rarely brings positive impact in the long run. Studies showed that spanking is not really that effective and can bring negative effects on the development stage of your child. Yet another reason why parents are spanking their children is out of anger, impulse or exasperation. Parents who are reacting out of frustration may just spank their kids without even thinking about it.

If you do not know how you should be disciplining your child, then spanking may show as the first line of defense. While it seems to be the solution at the given time, you have to know that it will not bring any real solutions to your problems or even instil a positive behavior.

Cultural Factors

There are several cultural groups that have history about spanking and holding onto it as part of their cultural background and upbringing. Even so, the negative impact stayed the same.

Why Spanking should Stop?

Today, there are many Instagram pages that are parent-focused and buy Instagram followers to expand their reach that are sharing alternatives to spanking and giving valuable information why it should stop. For instance, these pages explain further that spanking does not teach children with appropriate behavior, it is modelling aggression, creating shame and so forth.