Being a parent is never easy, and that’s a fact! Ask any parents in this world and they will agree with you in a heartbeat. We are on a constant struggle and wondering if we are doing the best that we could for our little ones. There’s just too much pressure of knowing that you are only getting short window to prepare them to turn to a healthy, emotionally balanced and responsible adults in the future.

For parents, there’s an additional challenge of being far from their kids. In this case, how a parent could really play their part; more so if they can only see their kids during holidays and vacations?

First of all, it’s not the most ideal of situation but… it does not indicate that you as a parent have no influence in the lives of your kids. Truth is, with a bit of planning and effort, it is feasible to establish a close relationship with them even you’re miles apart.

Open Communication

The very first thing that you have to establish is an open communication with you and your kids back home. Especially today, there are many means that you can do to stay connected with your children. A good example of this is to Facetime on every available time you have. With the advent of fast and stable internet, this is never a problem.

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Another reason why you should exert efforts in having good communication is the simple fact that this makes you aware of their struggles whether at home or school. Your child may not be that eager in sharing any news that may trigger conflict. So it should be you who must initiate how you could make them talk.

Sending Care Package

Oh! Let us not easily forget about the US Mail. Children love receiving mail particularly if its contents are full of presents. Therefore, take into mind sending them small care packages every now and then. It makes them feel appreciated and long for you at the same time.